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Videos: Angel Rebelde

Let's revisit the glory days of the telenovela Angel Rebelde by posting some video clips of that show! To view these clips, you'll need Windows Media Player, and you will need to have the latest DivX codec installed.

1) Victor Noriega, Gardener (3.85 MB, zipped)

2) Victor Noriega, Swimmer (5.94 MB, zipped)

3) Carlos Augusto Maldonado in a towel (4.81 MB, zipped)

Carlos Augusto Maldonado

Our previous videos are still available for download.

Rapidshare instructions: Clicking on the video links will take you to a page containing info on Rapidshare. Scroll down and click “FREE”. In the new page that opens, scroll down, and you’ll see a number counting down to zero. After it reaches zero, the link to download the video will appear. Right-click and save. In Portuguese: Se ao clicar no link do vídeo uma nova página abrir com informações do rapidshare, baixe a página e clique em “FREE”. Uma nova página abrirá mostrando o link do vídeo, daí é só salvar o vídeo (não esqueça de esperar a contagem regressiva para este link abrir).

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At 5:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

hello this is amanda, the avid fan of victor noriega... hussy can you post more videos of victor noriega.... please.. i really idolize him because of his looks... pleaseeeeee.... pleaseeeee..... im begging you.... more videos and screencaps of victor in angel rebelde...    

At 12:08 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Hello, Amanda! Yes, I can post more videos of Victor Noriega later. Maybe next week -- keep your eyes open!    

At 3:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

bienvenidos... mi nombre es dynasty... i just want to request for more videos of victor noriega and raul olivo in angel rebelde. most especially victor noriega... please... i would really appreciate it if you grant my request as soon as possible. more of victor and raul...!!! hussy...    

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