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Los 50 más bellos 2005

The current issue of People en Español has their annual "Los 50 más bellos" feature. I flipped through a copy at the store this weekend (didn't have my wallet!), and it has some nice pictures of Sebastián Rulli (pictured below), Gabriel Soto, Shalim, Cristián de la Fuente, and others.

Sebastián Rulli


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At 10:48 PM Anonymous madidoque said:

hey people,
next gmagazine:
jean willys and alle manas

very good    

At 12:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I love my country!! Cristián is Chilean and I have loved him since his very beginnings... Isn't he just gorgeous?!!

Carlos Erik from Chile.-    

At 12:15 PM Anonymous paola castillo said:

I love you sebastian.Eres un papi chulo eh visto toda tus novelas.I think you're the bestlooking man in the universe.I love you    

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