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More Alê Marchi

More Alê Marchi here (regular fotos). Big thanks to Giovanealex over at!

Alê Marchi

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At 2:31 PM Blogger philipjohn-from-gigaquit said:

I really don't wanna be ungrateful to Ripper BUT I always wonder why the high resolution pictures that he's sharing have poor quality. I can tell that the pictures have just been stretched to make it appear big; you can always tell by the visible pixels. If I remembered correctly, Hussy wondered too why Sylvio's pictures had the same poor quality as Alê's and the reason was that it actually is in the Terra site. BUT still, how come that when Hussy is the one who gets the hi-res pictures, they really have that high-res quality, very clear and sharp. I do not believe Terra would have provided low quality pictures such as Sylvio and Alê's. It just so happened that Ripper is the one contributing their members-only pictures. If it could have been Hussy, the picture quality would have been really good just like the rest of the 'Boys'. Again, I do not mean to be ungrateful or rude or skeptical even, but if you have the blessing, please 'share it properly'. I know that one can just condescendingly advice me - "Hey, why not subscribe to Terra yourself!" Well I would, definitely, if I know how to read Portuguese and that, unfortunately, I also do not have a credit card.

I am just so thankful to Hussy for continuously keeping our 'little fantasies' alive and free. Please Hussy if you do get the high-res pictures like you always do, share them as soon as possible. The last pictures you shared were really good BUT I really do not think Gilmar is HOT. Sure, he has a great body and he willingly agreed to have revealing shots more than Terra usually allows. To me, he is just NOT hot like Fernando, who is too thin. So far, the hottest ones, have been Rafael, Tiago, Diogo and Alê. Sylvio is too shy and not very seductive-looking. More like a member of 98°. I do not understand how he could have agreed to just wear boxers, for me briefs are more sexier and knowing that he is gonna pose for the 'Boy', he should have shown more. For that, Diogo is, so far, the most gracious. So does Gilmar, but then again he is not quite hot.

That's all.    

At 5:57 PM Blogger dcuk6 said:

Hi, I just want to point out here a few things that I know of. If I'm wrong, Hussy please correct me.

First of all, as far as I understand, Terra 'The Boy' site only accepts people from certain regions (e.g.Brazil) to be their members. Therefore, even if you'll learn Portuguese, and even if you'll have a credit card one day, you will not necessarily get registered and have access to the 'member-only' photos. I myself feel really grateful that at least we have kind soul like Ripper as an 'insider' willing to provide us all these wonderful photos and asking for nothing. Let's face it, it's not like every month lots of people are flooding Hussy's mailbox with these photos. Ripper is really generous to all of us! Also, I know Hussy himself is not a member of the site and it is only in a very rare occassion that he will be able to get to those photos himself (something to do with the security of the site that month). It's not like if he tries harder, he can guarantee to provide us the photos himself. I think we should not ask for too much, really.

About the quality of the photos, I don't think Ale Marchi's ones posted in the photo album are a lot worse in resolution as compared to the other ones. Those of Silvio Nascimento are exceptional cases. I remember Ripper actually mentioned in the past that the resolution of the photos in that particular month were very bad already on the site. He himself was surprised as well when he looked at those photos for the first time ON SITE. It was a pity because I also liked Silvio Nascimento a lot myself.

Anyway, I am truely grateful to Hussy and Ripper! Both of them are the reasons why we can enjoy Terra 'The Boy' from around the world. I just think we should perhaps remember: sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone.    

At 11:38 PM Blogger philipjohn-from-gigaquit said:

I was mad, terribly mad. I wish I had not said those things, really. I feel so bad. I do not know what came to my mind. Dcuk6 was right, very right. Ripper you can hate all your life. I truly apologize. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH.    

At 2:00 AM Anonymous newport said:

I fell in love with Ale Marchi ..

Thank you ...

(I would very much like to see his "making of" video ...)    

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