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Unbuttoned! Week Finale

'Tis the grand conclusion to the first official Unbuttoned! Week here at Cisoto Fotos. Not to worry -- as long as there are gatos willing to please us, I'm sure we'll revisit the theme again and again. Below is a list of links to every single post on Cisoto Fotos that contains a picture of an actor with his shirt unbuttoned. Happy hunting! And to illustrate it is the lovely Victor Webster -- I had posted this picture before, but this is a larger version (click the image to see the larger size).

Victor Webster

José Vieira Unbuttoned
Pablo Azar Dreamcaps
Giancarlo Pasqualotto and Ariel Díaz
Ricardo Mansur
Mark Tacher Unbuttoned
Juan Alfonso Baptista Unbuttoned
Ricky Martin Unbuttoned
Paulo Quevedo and Pedro Moreno
Cristian Riquelme
Paulo Quevedo TV Notas 1
Paulo Quevedo TV Notas 2
New H: Cristiano Balieiro
Héctor Arredondo
Alejandro Fernández Unbuttoned
Lauris Reiniks
By Your Side (Paulo Quevedo)
Agmeth Escaf
Charly Ortega
Pedro Moreno
Pedro José Pallares
Melvin Cabrera Online
Melvin Cabrera Unbuttoned
Michael Diess
More Michael Diess
Ojani Noa
Alexander Barrios
More Alexander Barrios
Jesse Metcalfe Flaunts
Michel Olivares

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