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Christian Bonello and Ryan Lebar (otherwise known as is just wonderful! So many users of this photo-sharing site are uploading so muany good pictures -- I love it so much that I worry that it'll die someday. Here's hoping the site has a long life! Here at Cisoto Fotos I'm going to start featuring noteworthy Moj-Albums. First off, the albums of user "topher," which include these two guys:

Christian Bonello -- does anyone know who this guy is? He looks a bit familiar but a google search doesn't reveal anything (maybe his name's misspelled here?).

Christian Bonello

Ryan Lebar -- apparently I'm the last person to find about this hottie from Canada!

Ryan Lebar

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At 11:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

For Christian Bonello there are several pictures here:    

At 9:15 AM Anonymous Someone said:    

At 10:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Whoa! I live in Mexico (Monterrey) and Christian Bonello looks just like my cousin's boyfriend. For a moment, i actually thought it was him. What's ironic is that his name is also Christian, but his last name is Solano.    

At 6:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I knew Christian for many years. He's an Aussie boy born and bred in Sydney and has been modelling for about 7 years.    

At 11:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

hi there- i thought i`d google christian and see what he is upto these days- and i stumbled across your blog comments. I lived with christian here in london for about seven months so if there is anything you want to know about him post your questions and i will try my best to answer them    

At 6:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

fudge that ryan lebar is so hott woot(Y)anywhoo peace    

At 5:41 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi Christian and I went to school in the Hills District in Sydney. You can find him on Facebook, a lovely down to earth guy, J    

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