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More Jocks

I added some extra photos of David Rich to his photo gallery that I missed the first time around:

I also created a new photo album featuring this guy:

If anyone can tell me what his name is, I'd be grateful, because I'm in love. Go look at his photos to see why.

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At 6:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

hello, first of all INCREDIBLE one wanted by your webpage!!,
and as second point meant to you that these guys of they are incredible the truth wanted congratulation
by so good material, and a hug very hard for you, also wanted
ask you something, as you obtain the resolution of imagenes
so high? I have put to the web page and I cannot obtain it, you
thx for your answer since there is a type in special that
it enchants to me, its name is rusty to joiner.
thanks and a strong hug.
sorry for my english but i used a tranlate.    

At 11:30 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

I'll be posting some hi-res Rusty Joyner next, so keep visiting!    

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