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Cisoto Fotos Poll

Remember when we had the mega Carlos Ponce Week, during which we had an entire week of posts about Carlos Ponce, with 2-3 posts a day? I thought it's time to plan for our next Week, and I'm giving you the opportunity to pick the featured subject by voting in the poll below:

Cisoto Fotos Poll #1

(If you have a favorite guy who's not listed in the poll, feel free to tell me about him in the comments and I'll consider him for a future Week.)

Update: And the winnah is... Fernando Carrillo! Thanks to everyone who voted -- it was fun, we'll do it again. I'll post an announcement on the results later.

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At 4:38 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Please consider about Thiago Rodrigues. He's really nice. I'd surely like to see more of him. Thanks so much.    

At 1:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sakis Rouvas and Fernando Carrilo

CArrilo is so hot ! Pls Pls    

At 10:34 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

jorge aravena!!!i'd like to see him on cisoto.....plssssss
o...and el gato!!!!love him..    

At 10:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

come on, Jose Luis resendez is the hottest man alive. he has the most beautiful face and the sexiest legs and ass on earth    

At 11:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

OH man PLS Fernando Colunga!!!!! he is such a hunk. HE's so so so but soooooooo sexy    

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