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Cisoto Videos: Freire and Riani

Two more Terra the Boy making-of videos to round out the week, featuring Thiago Riani and Fernando Freire. I've also restored both guys' hi-res, members-only photos in our My Opera albums. Fernando Freire:

Fernando Freire

Tiago Riani

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At 6:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Rafael Branciforti video next, pretty please!    

At 6:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

if you find the making of for mateus verdelho, that might be a good one to post as well    

At 3:31 AM Blogger Sundays_Child said:

I believe you did mix up something ;0) - there`s no Tiago Riani video.
If you follow the link, there`s Fernando Freie.

Could you change the link? I`d really love to see the Tiago Riani`s "THE BOY" video...Thanx    

At 1:43 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Hi, sundays_child... there's no mix-up, the 2nd link does lead to Tiago Riani's video. I've re-worded the links to make it clearer which is which, hope that helps!    

At 1:44 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

You can also try going to this post for the video.    

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