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Hot Soap Summer

I haven't been watching the daytime soap operas for awhile -- the writing on the ABC soaps I used to watch has gotten so wretched, even by the standards of daytime TV -- but NBC has given me 10 reasons to check in again: The Top Ten Reasons Summer Will Be Hot (found via the blog). That mini-site has photos and videos of James Scott, Kyle Brandt, Bryan Dattilo, Austin Peck, and Darin Brooks (from "Days of our Lives)", and (from "Passions") Charles Divins, Adrian Bellani...

Adrian Bellani

...Galen Gering...

Galen Gering

...Eric Martsolf...

Eric Martsolf

...and Mark Cameron Wystrach.

Mark Cameron Wystrach

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At 9:26 AM Blogger João Baptista said:

U kill Us softly    

At 11:41 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

They're so hot...
I loved the photos...

Good Job!    

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