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New Boy: Fernando Alves

The Boy for July, 2004 is 27-year-old Fernando Alves. His pictures are now online here on the Boy web site.

Fernando Alves

Looks like I managed to scoop Giovanealex this month! Check here later tonight and I should be able to tell you where you can download all the pics easily, including the members-only, hi-res pictures. Update: I've gone ahead and uploaded the regular pictures here in this album. I'll upload the members-only pics as soon as they're available.

Fernando Alves

Maybe in the members-only pics, we'll get a look at what he's fishing for in his pants in the image below? Hopefully he doesn't do anything by halves, including disrobing. Get it? Halves? Alves? Ho ho!

Fernando Alves


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At 2:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

achei o ensaio maravilhoso, seria interesante colocar o makink off dos ensaios tanto do paparazzo como do the boy
vc tem assinatura? Então porque vc coloca os making´s
Nos agradecemos    

At 5:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

best the boy model in months    

At 1:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I got the members-only pictures. let me know if you need them...    

At 2:02 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Anonymous: Sure, I'd love the members-only pics! Could you send them to me at hussurrus -at- gmail -dot- dom? Then I'll put them up in an album for everyone.    

At 8:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thank you! Can't wait to see the members-only pictures. How can someone in US join the Terra site?    

At 8:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

This guy has the best arm pits!    

At 5:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi People? I have 1 question . In terra site how we can see the members only pictures?!

Pages 8 , 9 and 10???    

At 5:39 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

I will post the members-only pictures of Fernando Alves in the photo album as soon as they're available. All good things come to those who wait, etc.    

At 12:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ok Thank u    

At 11:01 AM Blogger riff said:

Did anyone ever answer how someone in the US can join Terra?    

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