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Reasons to be Thankful

Let's give thanks for the internet! Several of our favorite web sites have been updated with new eye candy:

Alex Gil

New from Gabriel Blanco: Colombian actor Alex Gil. His fotos are here.

Matías Oviedo has a new mini-site, complete with plenty of pictures, devoted to Chilean actor Matías Oviedo. No shirtless pics, but lots of attitude.

Juan Carlos Lobo

A new telenovela, Te tengo en salsa, is set to debut on RCTV, which means new photos of all the cast members, including Luciano D'Alessandro, Alejandro Otero, Luis Alfredo Olavarrieta, Reinaldo Zavarce Peche, and Juan Carlos Lobo (pictured above). No new shirtless pics of any of them, but plenty of pretty faces.

Ygor Peixoto

The new Boy at Chantili is 18-year old Herbert Carlos, who's a bit too young-looking to feature here (but you can see his pics here), so I'll just post another photo of previous Boy Ygor Peixoto (above) and mention that his second batch of photos is up at the Chantili web site.

Jamie Bamber

And, just because it's the hottest thing I've seen lately, DaveId's scan of the Jamie Bamber photo from People magazine's latest "Sexiest Men Alive" issue. George Clooney who?

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At 9:56 AM Anonymous Matt said:

Just because I'm curious, are the members-only pics from the Chantili site worth it?    

At 11:45 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Matt: I've never seen any of the members-only pictures anywhere, so I've no idea if they're worth it.    

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