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Yonatan Gatro (יהונתן גטרו) -- I've also seen his name spelled as Yehonatan, Yohanathan, and Jonathan -- is an openly gay singer from Israel. I've uploaded what photos of him I could find into this photo album.

Yonatan יהונתן גטרו

Yonatan יהונתן גטרו

Below is the video for his song, "קורא לך", or "Kore Leha" -- "I'm Calling You".

Big thanks to Brian for telling me about this guy!

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At 1:17 PM Blogger Stroke Addict said:

Gorgeous guy! Love the hairy chest. Thanks for always posting such great photos.    

At 5:26 PM Blogger Tropic Boy said:

Oh My God... just like the doctor recommended me. :D


Tropic Boy.    

At 5:44 PM Blogger Gerald C said:

Awesome, I like that he is so open.    

At 8:21 PM Blogger Mike said:

Love it! Where can we see more about him? Can't find any link on the net! Does he have an website?    

At 5:44 AM Blogger ThomasONIC said:

I love this guy. He has a new single out called IN A HOT SUMMER NIGHT - check it out on YouTube:
יהונתן גטרו
בלילה חם בקיץ
Jonathan, will you marry me!?

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