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Paparazzo: Four from Malhação

Big Brother Brasil isn't the only Brazilian TV program which the Paparazzo web site has mined for hunks willing to pose shirtless. There's also the teen soap Malhação, from which the following guys all hailed at one time or another: Bruno Ferrari, Thiago Rodrigues, Daniel Erthal, and Bernardo Mello Barreto. (Alexandre Barilari and Alexandre Slavieiro were on "Malhação", too, and we'll see them next time.)

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At 9:08 AM Blogger L. Rosario said:

Daniel has always been a fav of mine, thanks for posting his pics again :)
Any idea what he's been up to?    

At 11:42 PM Blogger René Daniel said:

Bruno Ferrari´s one of the best and sexiest men i´ve saw. I love him. thank you... Do you have his making video? Bye,    

At 12:25 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

René: I'm afraid I don't have Bruno Ferrari's making-of video -- I'm not sure if there was even one. Does anyone know?    

At 5:01 AM Blogger René Daniel said:

Ok, dont worry. Your blog is amazing!

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