Cisoto Fotos

Shirtless male celebrities from all over the world.

Paraíso Tropical Beach

The cast of "Paraíso Tropical" has one of the nicest jobs in the world -- that telenovela's hunks always seem to be at the beach filming their scenes. Enjoying a day at work recently were Gustavo Leão...

Bruno Gagliasso

...Bruno Gagliasso...

Jonathan Haagensen

...Jonathan Haagensen...

Marcello Antony and Oscar Magrini

...and Marcello Antony and Oscar Magrini.

I've uploaded the hard-to-save fotos from Ego and Extra Online to this foto album for easier downloading. More can be found via the links below.

Boa forma de Marcello Antony e Oscar Magrini chama a atenção dos banhistas do Leme (Ego)
Gravação de Paraíso Tropical agita a praia do Leme (Ego)
Marcello Antony grava de sunga no Rio (Terra)
Briga em Paraíso Tropical (Extra Online)
Atores de Paraíso Tropical gravam cenas para a novela das oito (Estrelando)
Te Contei foto gallery

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