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New Boy: Ramirez Allender

Your new Terra the Boy for July, 2007 is one of the best of the year so far: the 25-year old Ramirez Allender, another ex-jogador (soccer player), this one from Bom Jesus da Lapa (Bahia). You can find all his fotos, including the hi-res, subscribers-only ones, in this foto album.

Cisoto Fotoalbum:
Ramirez Allender

Terra the Boy


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At 10:48 PM Blogger René Daniel said:

This boy is perfect! He´s an Adonis living in earth.

At 1:59 AM Blogger philipjohn-from-gigaquit said:

firm body and all BUT NOT the archetypal 'boy'.

well i suppose a little change won't hurt esp. bec. no swarthy boy has ever been featured til now.    

At 2:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

a black boy as the boy? that's a first!    

At 5:08 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

He is absolutely perfect, a beautiful man.    

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