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Giancarlo Revealed

The hi-res, members-only images of Giancarlo from Terra the Boy are now available in his foto album. Next stop: his making-of video!



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At 1:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

What a beautiful stunning guy. Thank you for getting these photos.    

At 4:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

What is his full name?    

At 12:45 PM Anonymous kaylee said:

does he seem ... excited in those picture with the white shorts off? that pretty risque of terra! but i am soo not complaining!    

At 6:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I just want to strip him completely.    

At 10:17 PM Anonymous Billy said:

So...out of all of the amazing Boys of the past few years, this one is definitely in my top five. And I love the quality of the photography. Thanks for bringing us all of this great stuff!!!    

At 12:12 AM Blogger Bullet for My Valentine Lover said:

i would love to lick parts of him if you know what i mean    

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