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Man of the Month: William Levy

Our Man of the Month for November, 2007 is William Levy Gutiérrez. This model/actor was born in Cuba and moved to Miami at age 15. We first saw Mr. Levy in the reality shows "la Isla de la Tentación" and "Protagonistas de la Novela", both of which aired on Telemundo. He can be seen every afternoon on Univision in "Acorralada", and he's currently got a role in the telenovela "Pasión".

To kick the month off, I've added 17 images of him modeling underwear to his foto album. More to come in the next 28 days!

William Levy on Cisoto Fotos:
William Levy 1
William Levy 2
William Levy 3
More William Levy
William Levy in "Olvidarte Jamás"
Los 20 Solteros Más Sexy
William Levy Jock
William Levy in Jeans
William Levy, Front and Back
William Levy, Top Draw
William Levy Miscellany
William Levy Finale

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At 4:08 AM Blogger René Daniel said:

Oh, William deserves this special and more!
He´s one of the best!
I love him!

At 8:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Es un PAPACITO!!!    

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