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He's The Boy: Jonas Sulzbach

Is Jonas Sulzbach the early winner of the "Best Boy of 2008" award? Quite possibly! He's 22 years old, born on February 7, 1986 in Rio Grande do Sul.

Update: Making-of video!

Sources: Terra the Boy,

The year so far:
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At 6:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

His member-only photos are nice. They are more revealing than those of the previous two. But I don't find him very attractive. IMO he is a weak Boy. But hey, I am sure others will find him appealing. I only hope Didio will keep up the good work for the future boys.    

At 6:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

He is really handsome
But I prefer to Miro Moreira, he's perfect.    

At 2:51 PM Anonymous Eyal said:

no way he's 22!
guys that age don't look that good. even not in brazil :)    

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