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Man of the Month: Pedro Moreno

I've had a few requests to repost our fotos of Cuban-born actor Pedro Moreno, so let's go ahead and make him our Man of the Month for April, 2008, shall we? We first met him on the reality TV series "Protagonistas de novela" in 2002; he then began to act in telenovelas, including "Amor descarado", "La Mujer en el espejo", and "La Viuda de Blanco", all for Telemundo. He'll next appear on Univision's "Tomalo Suave". We'll kick off the month with sixteen images in this foto album, with more to come.

Pedro Moreno on Cisoto Fotos:
Pedro Moreno is Querubín
Pedro Moreno Wet
Back To Pedro Moreno
Pedro Moreno Sunkissed
Pedro Moreno Unbuttoned
Pedro Moreno Undergear
Pedro Moreno Early
Pedro Moreno Miscellany
Pedro Moreno es Cristóbal
Pedro Moreno Finale
Pedro Moreno In "Dame Chocolate"
Pedro Moreno Shy
Pedro Moreno Strips & Sits

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