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Man of the Month: David Zepeda

David Zepeda Quintero, who was born in Nogales, Sonora, is a Mexican model and actor. He represented Mexico in the 2000 Manhunt International pageant, where he became the first runner-up, losing the top spot to Australia's Brett Wilson. Readers of this blog are probably aware of his role in the film Desnudos; he recently bared all again in the play Cuatro XXXX. He had one of his biggest roles to date as Maximiliano in the hit telenovela "Acorralada" on Univision. He's also made appearances on such programs as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "ER", "Boston Public", and "Monk".

David Zepeda on Cisoto Fotos:
David Zepeda
More David Zepeda (link fixed!)
Amores Cruzados
David Zepeda Resumes
David Zepeda Unbuttoned
David Zepeda, Front and Back
David Zepeda Undressed
David Zepeda Spread
David Zepeda Wet
David Zepeda Finale

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