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Diego Cristo, Individual Man

A nice-looking individual, name unknown, found on the web site of the Brazilian clothing manufacturer Individual. You can find more pictures of him in this foto album.

Update: His name's Diego Cristo, a Brazilian model and actor. He plays Hélio on "Caminhos do Coração".


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At 1:12 PM Blogger giovanealex said:

His name is Diego Cristo, is a model and actor and is in the cast of the same soap-opera that Marcos Pitombo is.    

At 8:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Diego Cristo (or Christo)    

At 7:57 AM Anonymous marcio g said:

His nams is Diego Cristo,a Model and actor brazillian.    

At 1:45 PM Anonymous Bruno said:

Acho que é o ator e modelo Diego Cristo, não é não??
Fantástico ele!
Seu blog é maravilhoso!

At 10:45 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Thanks, guys!    

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