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Alejandro Chabán Does Spidey

Here's abs-fab Alejandro Chabán posing with his body painted as Spider-Man's costume.

Why's he doing this? Who knows? But it's as good a way as any to remind you that the telenovela La Ley del Silenco, starring Alejandro, José Ángel Llamas, and Rodrigo de la Rosa, debuts tonight on Telemundo at 10:00pm EST.

More Alejandro as Spidey fotos here.

This site,, has two other galleries featuring Venezuelan actors playing dress-down:
Nacho Huett: Al desnudo
Jerónimo Gil: Al desnudo

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Update: I posted my screen captures of Alejandro in the first episode of "La Ley del Silenco" here at Cisoto Fotonovelas.


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