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Paparazzo Update and Upgrade

The Paparazzo web site has not only been updated, but upgraded with a brand-new look. The good: The new site is nice-looking, they now offer screensavers for each model, and they're giving us two models for this update. The bad: taking a cue from Terra the Boy, they're now playing around with Flash, making the pictures difficult to save, and they now have "exclusive", members-only pictures. Bah.

Also good: Alan Henrique dos Passos, from Big Brother Brazil 3.

Alan BBB3

Even better: Henri Castelli returns.

Henri Castelli

Go to the Paparazzo web site for the pictures. To save the pictures on your computer, you can use one of two methods: 1) use print-screen to capture each picture and paste it in a graphics program and then crop and save it, or (much easier) 2) get the pictures from your browser's cache.

Update: Thanks to ECMIAN, we now have the subscribers-only photos. You can see all the images in this foto album.


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At 9:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks for the info on Paparazzo. I've discovered pretty much what you've said
what's up with the membership thing>

I can seem to figure out how to sign up. It doesn't seem to be a paysite

Great job Hussy.
steve paris    

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