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I've gotten some comments and emails asking what happened to the two MSN groups I moderated, Corepylon G and Corepylon Flow. For various reasons (which were discussed in Corepylon G's message board), I've decided to close them down for the time being. I might re-open them sometime in the future, but until then, I'll continue news and photos (pg-rated) from G Magazine here on this blog. For instance:

The next coverboy for G Magazine will be 24-year old singer/dancer/aerobics instructor: DaniBoy:


More preview pictures from


Daniboy's Official Web Site

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At 11:48 PM Anonymous Me, Myself, and I said:

Damn papi!! i'd lick you from head to toe!!    

At 2:02 PM Anonymous RWK said:

I was a member both of Corepylon G and Corepylon Flow. In this blog forum, Are you going to post links to G-magazine Videos posted on Rapidshare?    

At 6:06 PM Blogger roderickg said:

i tried getting on his webpage but couldn't,i am talking about daniboy ,that boy is so hot,or should i say what hot man,i can just taste him when i look at him,what else could we learn about him    

At 10:29 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

DaniBoy's site is loading fine for me... make sure your browser has the Flash plug-in installed.    

At 10:31 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

I might or might not be able to post videos here via RapidShare... we'll see.    

At 1:45 AM Anonymous someone said:

Just take a look at that body! mmmmm!    

At 10:47 AM Anonymous frances said:

please open the groups please    

At 7:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

please re-open the msn groups...thanks..    

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