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El Cuerpo del Deseo

The new telenovela El Cuerpo del Deseo ("Bodies of Desire") will premiere on Telemundo on Monday, July 18 at 8:30 PM EST, then will air daily at 8:00 PM afterwards. Among the bodies on display in this novela will be those of Mario Cimarro, Martín Karpán, Erick Elais, Pablo Azar, and Andrés García.

Mario Cimarro:

Mario Cimarro

Martín Karpán:

Martín Karpán

This is the story of Pedro José Donoso (Andrés García), a wealthy old man, who at age 67 has everything he ever wanted, including the love of Isabel Arroyo (Lorena Rojas), a young and beautiful woman. But, what happens if destiny is already written and your time has passed? There are men who just refuse to give up....and Pedro José Donoso will come back to claim what is his, except he will do it in the body of another man.

Salvador Cerinza (Mario Cimarro) is a young and humble peasant, devoted to his family. Destiny brings Pedro José and Salvador together when both die at the same time. The spirit of Pedro José only needs one thing to continue living: a body. It is then that Pedro José reincarnates in the body of Salvador. (Source: NBC Media Village.)

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More info:
Official web site at Telemundo
Video clips at
Love Conquers Over Death -- article (in English) and photos at NBC Media Village


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