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Mauricio Ochmann on Telemundo

At long last, the web site has some new pictures of Mauricio Ochmann, the star of Amarte Así (Telemundo, Monday-Friday, 7:00 PM EST). More, please!

Mauricio Ochmann

Foto #2
Foto #3

Mauricio Ochmann at Cisoto FotoNovelas


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At 8:50 AM Anonymous Matt said:

Cutie! where's he from?    

At 8:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

He's from Mexico. He's not only a cutie, he's a pretty good actor too!    

At 4:30 PM Anonymous MARIA said:

He´s THE BEST actor ever!!!....Mauricio en España te queremos muchisimooo!!! ven a Valencia por favor...

Un beso, God bless,

At 5:47 PM Blogger Ron said:

Damn, he's hot!
You go "supernacho".

At 5:48 PM Blogger Ron said:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.    

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