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More Melvin Cabrera

At long last, the Gabriel Blanco web site has put up some new photos of one of my favorites, Brazilian Venezuelan model/actor Melvin Cabrera. Quite a number of pictures, too, every one of them delicious. (One nitpick: what's with the distractingly ugly grey background on some of them?)

Melvin Cabrera

Melvin can currently be seen in the Amor Descardao, which is currently repeating on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 1:00 PM EST.

Melvin Cabrera

More fotos here.

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My old Melvin Cabrera screencaps

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At 6:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I thank you from the bottom of heart for posting all these nice pictures of hot latin men. Without you my life would be dull, unliveable and will probably commit suicide. Your pictures really make a difference. I offer masses for you and say a lot of prayers for your continued success, good health and long life so that you'll bring more happiness to those lonely ones like moi!

Again, muchas gracias.

Amor decardo,

Maria La'O    

At 8:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

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ciao ciao    

At 3:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hola, I think this guy is Venezuelan but anyway I love his new pics so bad.    

At 5:16 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

You're right, he is Venezuelan, and I knew that -- I don't know why I wrote "Brazilian". I fixed the error -- thanks for the correction.    

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