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Melvin Cabrera: New "Príncipe Azul"

Melvin Cabrera is everywhere lately... or, at least, he's all over this blog lately. Seems that he, with fellow actor José Luis Franco, have replaced the father-and-son tag team of Andrés and Leonardo García as the studs of Telemundo's "The Bachelor" rip-off, El Príncipe Azul. (I think Melvin debuted in last night's episode, which I missed.)

Melvin Cabrera

As you'll recall, in El Príncipe Azul, 20 Latinas compete for the love of a single man, Leonardo Garcia. Leonardo's father, Andrés, was there to help him check out the women. Sounds like a good deal for the both of them, no? So why'd they leave? According to Magaly Morales, a newspaper columnist who writes on Latin TV:

According to a gossip magazine TV Notas, Leonardo may have abandoned the production before its conclusion because he thought the 20 beauties weren't, well, that beautiful. Also according to the magazine, Andrés, a self-proclaimed womanizer, may have been reprimanded by the producers for improperly touching some of the contestants.

This gossip makes El Príncipe Azul one of the best reality TV shows ever. And with Melvin to look at now, it should only get better!

As for the other guy, José Luis Franco, you can check him out in this photo gallery over at Gabriel Blanco.

José Luis Franco

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deverias enseñar mas    

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