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Gonzalo, Gianfranco y Gustavo

More cute Chileans! From what I gather, these three guys are reporters for the morning news show Buenos Días a Todos ("Good Morning to All"). Sounds like a good thing to wake up to. I got the pictures from this web page from devoted to this trio, but because the javascript for that site seems a bit mucked up -- the galleries won't pop up -- I'll provide direct links to each man's photo galleries:

Gustavo Huerta:

Gustavo Huerta

Foto #2 | Foto #3 | Foto #4

More fotos of Gustavo here: shirtless in the pool and barefoot in the park

Gonzalo Ramírez:

Gonzalo Ramírez

Two Gonzalo foto albums: at the pool and at a café

Gianfranco Dazzarola:

Gianfranco Dazzarola

More Gianfranco fotos in these two galleries.

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