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Total Christian Meier

Judging from this screencap of Christian Meier in the telenovela La Tormenta, I'm missing some quality television viewing while I'm in the process of moving to my new home.

Christian Meier

More here at

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At 10:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Please tell me someone can direct me to a video of this scene. My Spanish is rusty so I cannot even figure out which episode of La Tormenta this came from. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.    

At 1:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

The video for that episode (Friday, Nov. 14) can be downloaded from:






The files are quite large because they're of excellent quality. When you visit each link, a countdown of 45 seconds will start (upper right hand corner) -- once the countdown is done, you can then click on a link (same place as the countdown was) to start the download process. The scene that you're looking for is probably in either Video 1 or Video 2. Good luck!    

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