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Hombres Cosmo 2003: July to September

The pages turn in our copy of 2003's calendar, and we see the Hombres Cosmo for the months of July to September. Click on the photos below to see the full-size versions.

Ilay Kurelovich:

Ilay Kurelovich

Mauricio Chiandussi:

Mauricio Chiandussi

More Mauricio Chiandussi fotos here and here.

Mariano Damian Fiore is a model from Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Mariano Damian Fiore

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At 5:26 PM Anonymous Sinner said:

Mauricio Chiandussi looks alot like Mexican actor/model Eduardo Verastegui (both are total hotties, one from Mexico, the other from Spain). Speaking of Eduardo, pics of him should be posted here too.    

At 4:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Man, Cosmo has such good taste!!    

At 12:24 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

me encantan estos hombres en especial ilay,es hermoso, es lindo,es sexy,tiene un monton de cosas en comun de mi vida,espero contactarme con el.besos    

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