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New TV Boyfriends

I've been checking out some new (for me) programs on TV, the kind of stuff that I usually don't watch, but it's all good because I now have two new TV crushes: Jonathan Roberts and Allen Lee Haff.

Jonathan Roberts

I watched the second season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars" because nothing else was on, and I've kept watching because of Jonathan Roberts. He's the professional dancer paired with with Giselle Fernandez. He's cute, he's got the moves, and the hair on his head looks fake but that's O.K., he's got plenty on his chest. The "Dancing With the Stars" web site has a short profile of him but not many pictures -- anyone know of any online?

Allen Lee Haff

Allen Lee Haff is the "Yard Sale Guy" of the TV home-improvement program Clean House, which airs on the Style Network. (In the show, the four hosts clean up the clutter in your house, and Allen is the guy who sells your crap in a yard sale.) He was born on October 15, 1969 in Adrian, Michigan, USA; according to his IMDB page, he's also acted in a few films. As far as home-makeover hunks go, I'd rate him fourth after JJ Martinez of "House Invaders," the boys from "While You Were Out," and Alistair Appleton of "Cash in the Attic."

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At 12:16 AM Anonymous Robby Robot said:

Jonathan Roberts and his wife Anna Trebunskaya (who partners with Jerry Rice on the show) have their own website:

The website does include a photo gallery (although one has to do some tricks to save them).    

At 12:53 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Thanks, Robby! You came through for me where Google failed!    

At 8:48 PM Anonymous steve paris said:

Alistair Appleton is a sweetheart.    

At 6:24 PM Anonymous Ann said:

I love Haff, I have a wicked tv crush on him. I had a crush on Appleton first though, but then I read somewhere that he's gay, and it wasn't a joke. Still like him, but it's not as fun now.    

At 9:49 PM Blogger ana said:

I love Haff too... He looks like the perfect guy, doesn’t he? Funny, sweet, hot, intelligent, driven and, besides, he loves animals… what else can you ask for?    

At 3:19 PM Anonymous wicket said:

discovered clean house recently, the episodes our satalite network is showing at the moment still have Allen Lee Haff in them, please put me out of my misery and tell me that he's not gay, when did he stop doing clean house? how long can i still enjoy him for,    

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