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New Boy: Rafael Lazzini

Time to return to the Boys already -- a new one for June, 2006 from Terra the Boy. His name's Rafael Lazzini, and he's 20 years old.

Rafael Lazzini

You have two options to download these photos: You can go to the photo album I've set up, or you can download them in two .zip files via Rapidshare here at Giovanealex's blog. If you choose the latter option, note that the password (senha) for the .zip files is

Rafael Lazzini


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At 3:50 AM Blogger FMsaziri said:


At 8:14 AM Anonymous Maria LaO said:

Dear Hussy,

Muchas gracias for the gorgeous pictures of Rafael Lazzini. We do not know how we can survive here in the desert without these kind of pictures.

Million thanks.    

At 11:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thank you for always making these available so fast! It is really appreciated!!!


At 1:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

ey there,

i really appreciate every single thing you do for everyone who depends on your saliva dropping posts...


one wish though, can you make us download more terra videos like those of igor rosa, rafael lazzini and david chaloub


me and my friends are so crossing our fingers for you to give us the priviledge... thanks so much


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