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Boy Extra: Marcelo Boldrini

Believe it or not, even I don't have all the Terra the Boy photos; there are two or three early models I'm missing in my collection. The only one of them I remember is Marcelo Boldrini, whose photo set I didn't save because, well, I didn't find him hot (still don't, actually). What can I say -- this was way back when I was a wee little Hussy, before I became the obsessive-compulsive collector/blogger I am today. The few Marcelo Boldrini photos from Terra I do have can be found in this photo album.

Marcelo Boldrini

Marcelo Boldrini

There are a couple of videos featuring Marcelo Boldrini on Google Videos, including this one: Fashion TV FTV - MODELS TALK - MARCELO BOLDRINI HOM PE 2003.


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At 6:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

It seems we are both neurotic and slightly obsessive, yay, we have something in common, your like an older version of me, well personality wise anyway.    

At 6:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I have a pic of him you don't want it    

At 7:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

you don't like him cause of the nipple ring right    

At 7:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

the other comment i made was supposed to say if you want it i can send it to you via one of my emails    

At 11:40 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Nah, I like the nipple ring. I just don't find him that hot.

Sure, I'd like to see the pic -- my email address is on the home page's sidebar. Thanks!    

At 12:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

it's the person who sent you the pic, i have forgotten my email account, and i was wondering if you could tell me it please.    

At 2:01 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Two people sent me some Marcelo Boldrini pics, so I'll need to know your name before printing your email here -- are you Ross?

Thanks to Ross and Gator for the pics -- I'll add them to the album tomorrow.    

At 2:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

yep, i'm sorry, i have a ton of emails, and i can't keep track, so i forgot my own address, i remember my own password, but ironically not my address, so if you can give it to me on here i would really appreciate it, thanks.    

At 3:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thank you so much for giving me my email, and your welcome for the pic, I think i'm missing some of the boy videos, i was wondering if you could send them to me, thanks.    

At 11:51 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

You're welcome! I plan to re-post every Boy video eventually. Which ones are you missing?    

At 6:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I don't quite know, I have raph laus, the brunos, caco, david chaloubs, flavio and gustavo, guilherme, igor, raf franskowiak, silvios, raf monteiro, diogo, ale, fernando freire and now gilmars, i am missing all others    

At 1:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

He doesn't do much for me either, but for some reason he was a pretty successful fashion model. Runway shots of him a readily available on the net. Maybe with a better photographer... These shots look very uninspired.

Thanks for your efforts on this site. It's wonderful.    

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