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The Compleat Mateus Verdelho

Turns out I'm not done with the Boys just yet. It's come to my attention that I neglected to include the hi-res, members-only images when I uploaded the Mateus Verdelho photo set. Whoops! This is a grave crime against nature that must be swiftly remedied, and so it has -- you can now find all the Mateus Verdelho Boy fotos in the photo album, really and truly. Thanks to Max for the heads-up!

Mateus Verdelho

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At 12:38 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

you also forgot the hi-resolution pics of Bruno Herkenhoff, and the posters    

At 1:10 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

So I did. Aaaugh. OK, I'm on it. Thanks, Anonymous!

Anything else I forgot? Best to tell me now, before I move on to the 2006 Boys.    

At 8:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

It's good to see these photos, I'm a lurker here.

Hope you soon catch up and get with the 2007 Boys.    

At 6:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

there is only 10 2006 boys to upload, right    

At 6:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Bruno é um viadinho loiro arrebitando a bundinha pra macho gozar    

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