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New Boy: Fernando Sippel

The newest Boy from Terra: Fernando Sippel, a 21-year-old model and ex-jogador (soccer player) from Porto Alegre. He's lean, he's got some fuzz on his chest, and apparently he needs glasses to read -- hot! You can find all his fotos, including the members-only ones, in this foto album. I should have his making-of video in a few days.

Terra the Boy


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At 7:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

So lean!!! I love Terra Boy,Thankssss    

At 12:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

thank youbso much !!! hottttttttttttttt !!!!    

At 2:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Great to see some fur again. The last 4 Terra Boys have been toooo smooth. How do you get this pics so fast? My Terra link is still showing Diogo Nicoletti. Thanks for a great site.    

At 4:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

perfectly furred! WOW!

At 7:03 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Give me one hour with this beautiful piece of God's creation!

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