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Alexis Georgoulis Αλέξης Γεωργούλης

We're doing Greek men this month (heh), and one of my favorites is the actor Alexis Georgoulis (Αλέξης Γεωργούλης). Which is why his foto album is kind of large -- too many hot pictures, even when he's wearing a shirt. Cisoto Fotos readers might know him from his role in the gay-themed film "Oxygono" ("Blackmail Boy", a.k.a. "Oxygen") starring Yannis Tsimitselis. Alexis Georgoulis was born on October 6, 1974 in Larissa, Greece.

Here's the man in motion:

Official Site
Fan Club 1
Fan Club 2
Biography (in English) on IMDB


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At 10:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Alexis Georgoulis!
A Greek hunk God!    

At 3:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

eisai trelo manari. bravo sti Larissa gia ta manaria pou vgazei.    

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