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Here's proof that all good things come to he who waits. Thanks to Fábio, I can now offer to you the high-resolution fotos of Romeu Rodrigues (plus two posters and two extra desktop wallpapers) from Garoto Pop. Once again, I've given you three download options below -- Rapidshare, Mediafire, and a Picasa Web Album. Fábio also sent me Romeu's making-of videos, and I'll post those later in the week. (And, yes, I will still post the other guys later, so no need to keep requesting them.) Thanks a million, Fábio!


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At 1:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

C'est parfait!!
Merci beaucoup! J'adore ce blog!


At 7:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:


At 6:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

once again, thanks to fábio and cisoto for sharing!!
hope to see the making video soon ^_^    

At 4:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thank u very much. It's perfect photos. I think Romeo one of hottest men I've ever seen/    

At 10:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thx a lot for the zip file with all the photos ^^    

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