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Romeu Rodrigues Revealed

Happy New Year to everyone! Regular posting should resume tomorrow -- right now I'm still distracted by the holidays, the three feet of snow that's been dumped outside my door, and the pesky bit of spyware that infected my computer and which I finally managed to get rid of. I'll announce the new Man of the Month then. In the meantime, this should keep you busy: thanks to Gator, I managed to get the rest of the fotos of Romeu Rodrigues (a.k.a. my new boyfriend) from the Garoto Pop site. You can find them in this foto album or, alternatively, you can download all the fotos from the Rapidshare and Mediafire links I've provided below. (To get fotos #1-40, please go to the Garoto Pop site.) Whew, the rest of the year is gonna have a hard time topping this guy! (Me, I wouldn't have any trouble, ho ho.)

Update to those who have asked: Sorry, but I don't have access to the high-resolution pictures. If anyone does and is willing to share, let me know and I'd be happy to post them here.

Update #2: We've now got the high-resolution images!


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At 5:58 PM Anonymous albywind said:

The lack of nudity is slightly disappointing, but the guy is just amazing. Hopefully the will have to compete with The Boy and show some more skin. And yes, everybody should have a Brazilian boyfriend. Thanks for checking out the site and for finding somebody who "donated" the photos!


At 10:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

That was so kind!!!
Thanks a lot for who helped with this...

I would love to see the Hi-Res pictures....

Thank you for this awesome blog!    

At 7:45 AM Anonymous johnans said:


Can you upload the photos of Anderson Schneider from GarotoPOP..    

At 7:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Very Good!! Thanxs!!!

And the others "Garotos Pop"? Would be dificult to post?    

At 9:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, I Want to see the Hi-Res Pics,too. Thank you for all pics.    

At 12:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

thanks to cisoto and gator    

At 7:44 AM Blogger nayibi said:

Great pics. Thanks for sharing those photos. Now, if only you can also share the newest Garoto Pop Anderson Schneider. Thanks so much.


At 3:01 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Thanks for the good words, everyone. Yes, I'll eventually post the other two guys, as soon as I finish saving their pictures.

Still don't have the hi-res images, sorry, so let's be happy what we do have. Personally, I'd love to see his making-of video, mmm.    

At 7:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I hope you get the Hi-Res Pics of GAROTO POP as soon as possible..

Lots of people will be soooooo pleased =)

(However, I'll try to request them in other forums or blogs)


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