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More Otávio Rauter

Turns out that the latest sampling from Terra the Boy, 27-year-old Otávio Rauter, is a model who's represented by Ford Models Brasil. Thanks to Anonymous for the tip!

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At 4:20 PM Anonymous Luc said:


At 11:58 PM Blogger Louie said:

Hi, I've read your blog for long time, love whatever you posted/

And there is something about the man, Alexandre Scaquette.

I've searched every pics of his just now, and I think that none of blogs with hot guys photos have complete set of his first shot.

because I am too crazy about him, I snapped all the photos from

I put it in my albums, think you might wanna download them.

Edilson Nascimento

And last thing, I hope you don't mind that I've downloaded lots of photos from your album.

just because I love the way you introduce those hot guys, not because I wanna take advantage of you or anything..


At 1:20 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Thanks for the pics, Louie!    

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