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Man of the Month: Jorge De Silva

Our Man of the Month for June, 2008 is the Mexican actor Jorge De Silva, who was born on April 21, 1973 in Acapulco, Guerrero. He began his entertainment career as a member of the musical group "Tierra Cero" ("Earth Zero"). He then began to study acting at the Centro de Capacitación Artística de Televisa (CEA), and in 1999 he made his debut in the telenovela "Rosalinda". Since then he's appeared in many programs, including "Abrázame muy Fuerte", "Clase 406", and "Corazones al Límite". He played a gay character in the 2006 novela "Amar sin límites". His most recent role was the villain Valente in the novela "Muchachitas como tú".

Jorge De Silva on Cisoto Fotos:
Jorge De Silva Sunkissed
Jorge De Silva Spread
Jorge De Silva Unbuttoned
Jorge De Silva Flexes
M Appeal From Jorge De Silva
Jorge De Sivla & William Levy
Julio & Jorge
Jorge De Silva Basks
Jorge De Silva Finale #1

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At 2:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

He is one of the Monumental Mexican Man. He has it all. He has every single trait of a Mexican Sex Symbol. He is Gorgeous and Damn Hot! Great Legs, Hot body and beautiful eyes, 100% Mexican Product to the World. :-)    

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