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Man of the Month: Paulo Quevedo

Paulo César Quevedo de la Vega was born on February 1, 1975, in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. He has several nicknames, some of which are Taz, Paulito, Pau, Paulín and REX. In 1997 he joined the music group Tierra Cero, which also included Erick Elías, and a year later he became a member of "Kario", in which his fellow members were Gabriel Soto and Roberto Assad. Aside from doing some modeling, he's appeared in many telenovelas, including "Amor descarado", "La Mujer en el espejo", and "Madre Luna". He also appeared as himself in the 2004 reality series "Protagonistas de la fama VIP". He can currently be seen on Telemundo playing the character of Balbino Paiba in "Doña Bárbara".

Paulo Quevedo on Cisoto Fotos (check here for updates throughout the month!):
Paulo Quevedo, Cowboy
Paulo Quevedo Spills
Doña Bárbara Hunks
Paulo Quevedo Unbuttoned 1
Paulo Quevedo Unbuttoned 2
Paulo Quevedo Captures
Paulo Quevedo Wet
Paulo Quevedo Finale
Paulo Quevedo TV Notas 1
Paulo Quevedo TV Notas 2
Paulo Quevedo and Javier Gómez
It's Unbuttoned Week!
By Your Side

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