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Rafael Verga Album

John requested that I make available again all the non-Boy Rafael Verga pics that used to be in Corepylon G. While doing so, I noticed that I had neglected to give Rafael a place in the Cisoto Fotos albums. Let's fix that!

Rafael Verga

Update: lost my Rafael Verga fotoalbum. I'll restore it at a future date, but for now you can view Rafael's hi-res, members-only pictures from Terra the Boy.

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At 1:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'll say ten thousand prayers for you for showing the pictures of Rafael Verga in your blog. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to get his pictures here in Arabia through the net which is always blocked.

Heaven bless you million times.    

At 6:34 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

The most beautiful man in the world    

At 6:35 AM Blogger ken said:

Rafael is the most beautiful man in the world    

At 7:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

So far I have only seen one nude picture of this gorgeous man. I long to see more.    

At 8:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I want to find more information about Rafael Verga but it seams imposible. I can only find his birth day and place and bla-bla. Can somebody please tell me where to find the Terra-the boy video in its original (not the "Hung Up-Madonna" version). Please e-mail me at thanx in advance    

At 3:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

rafael is by far the hottest man alive im in love    

At 4:02 AM Blogger Clark said:

QUE RICO!!!!!!!!11    

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