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New Boy Peek

Here's a sneak peek at the next Terra the Boy model. I don't even know what his name is yet, or when his photos will be online. Should be soon, though. Thanks to dcuk6 for the heads-up!


Sitting easy
On his back
On his stomach

Update: His name's Rafael Branciforti, and you can see his pics here. (Thanks to max for his help with this info!)

Update #2: I've uploaded his hi-res, members-only pictures here.

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At 9:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

dag.... he's mad-crazy-cute!    

At 3:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Isn't he a darling!    

At 11:31 AM Anonymous Max said:

His name is Rafael Branciforti
You can get to him directly via:
If some of the pages don't work, KEEP REFRESHING - all the stuff is there!
And yeah he is one lil hottie :P~    

At 9:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi Hussy,
He's gorgeous!!
I have been a fan of this site and corepylon. Just have one question. I tried to download some photos of his and the other boys from Terra but every time I tried I got a blank page with no photo on it. Is it something to do with the website blocking people to download photos? Every time i tried the file will pop up as "x" and in gif format. Any advice    

At 11:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow! I hope we can see the high-res "private" pics soon! And thank you so much for always sharing these awesome guys with us!!!    

At 4:19 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

The easiest way to save the pics on The Boy site is to fetch them from your browser cache. Every time you view pictures online, your browser saves a copy of the pictures in your cache folder. Where your browser cache folder is located depends on which browser you're using, which OS you have, etc -- a search in Google should help you find it.    

At 12:10 PM Anonymous Max said:

Another really easy way to save the pics is just save each web page (COMPLETE!)to a folder any place easy to manouver to (say the Desktop). Then when you've done the whole lot, go though the "01_01_Files" (or whatever your browser creates) and shift them to where you want to keep them. You'll have to go through each xx_xx_files folder, but it can be a lot quicker than mucking around with browser caches (especially Mozilla based ones, which are impossible to decode without an addon program)

ALTERNATIVELY, open a new browser window and put in:
and you can save directly. Change the first two numbers for the set (01 = 1, 02 = 2 etc, and same for the actual picture)

I know I've been long winded in this explanation, but I hope that it helps...

At 4:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I would be very grateful if you could post more pictures of Rafael Branciforti. From where I am (Arabia), it is difficult, if not impossible, to go to the site where I can download pictures because all of these sites are blocked (bad luck for us guys here). So,the only solution to our problems is you my dear friend. Some of the desert princess here threaten to commit suicide by drowning themselves in the oasis or by hanging themselve in dates palms (go ahead ladies, that would not solve your problems!)Let's just wait for our dear friend here to post more pictures. Many thanks in advance.    

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