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Intermodelos y Talentos

Ah, watermarks. They can be annoying, no? I do understand the impulse to watermark your photos -- I do it myself on my screencaptures -- but some watermarks are so large and prominent that they just ruin the natural beauty of the photograph. Witness the photos below (click on the photos for larger versions):

Eduardo Rodriguez:

Eduardo Rodriguez

Jorge de Silva:

Jorge De Silva

Franco Gala:

Franco Gala

Despite the watermarks, the Intermodelos y Talentos web site is still worth checking out. They've got shirtless photos of such Cisoto Fotos regulars as Alex Sirvent, Jaiver Ortiz, and Gabriel Soto, as well as such new (to me) names as Bruno Zaretti, Alejandro Perronis, and Armando Araiza.

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At 11:49 PM Anonymous dunesport said:

As usual, your advice merits pause to take heed. This surely is a good link for fans of Cisoto fare.

I hope they fire the guy who invented the 'watermark'. A beer tribute to that person? I suggest not. Alternately, injecting a positive twist, can look forward to the day that these hot photos will one day appear on the web sans graffiti.

I saw a couple, therein, atermark free. Keep looking!    

At 8:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:


I need more photos Bruno Zaretti....pleeeeease!!!


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