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V- Boy: Eury Moreira

Well, the second V-boy is here, and while he's not exactly my type (too much of a twink), maybe he's yours. Eury Moreira was born on May 15, 1977 in Bauru. You can view his regular pictures now at the Virgula Boy web site -- remember to click "AMPLIAR FOTO" to see each photo at its full size.

As for the members-only pics, I've uploaded them here for your perusal.

Eury Moreira

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At 3:54 PM Anonymous dae said:

nah, does nothing for me. I actually don't find him that good looking.    

At 9:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

The only reason I can think of why someone who looks like this could be considered for a modelling spot is - maybe a relative owns the medium and/or somebody owes somebody a big favor.

Once again, I make no judgements on the value of this person as a nice fellow, or value thereas, but at this point in his life, he is just not model material.

Woe to all that are masculine if trendsetters are forcing this kind of look on us. The well of chiselled jaws, piercing eyes and 'V' shaped physiques appears to have run low.    

At 11:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi cisoto?
I like the v-boy, but the terra the boy is better than v-boy.
When you post the vip photos terra the boy Juliano Lopes?
Oi Cisoto?
Eu curto o virgulqa boy, mas o terra theboy é melhor!!! Quando vc vai postar as fotos vips do novo the boy Juliano Lopes?
To aguardando!!!
Té +    

At 12:22 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Anonymous -- I already posted about Juliano Lopes. Do a search for his name (in the search form in the toolbar on top of this page) and you'll find the post with a link to his members-only pics.    

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