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Rusty Joiner

Finally, we get around to presenting the hi-res photos of ironman extraordinaire Rusty Joiner! These pictures come from International Jock. As usual, I've taken all the hi-res Rusty pictures and uploaded them here in this fotoalbum.

Rusty Joiner was born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. You can find out more about him at his official web site. There's also more of him here at

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At 2:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

could u tell me how to get those hi-res pics on International Jockey site? i can't seem to find the super large pics that u have!    

At 10:20 AM Blogger João Baptista said:

Wonderful blog and beautiful photos

Love from portugal    

At 12:59 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

I'll reveal the trick to getting the hi-res pics soon, in my next (and last) post featuring an International Jock. Stay tuned!    

At 12:55 PM Blogger wetboxersguy said:

very nice photos.    

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