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Man of the Month: Fernando Carrillo

And the winner is -- Fernando Carrillo. Fernando came in first in our poll with 32.54% of the vote; Gabriel Soto came in second with 26.65%, while Aarón Díaz came in right behind him with 25.85%. You can see the full results of the poll here.

Fernando Carrillo

(Click on both photos to enlarge.) Gabriel and Aarón will get their chances again later, but this is Fernando Carrillo's month, so get set for a bunch of posts featuring him in July. (Yes, I decided to make it a month instead of a week. I'm thinking of making the "Man of the Month" a regular feature, so look for another poll for August's man soon.)

Fernando Carrillo

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At 5:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Perfect body, perfect face, PERFECT MAN    

At 8:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

The sexiest man in the world
I want more photos of him    

At 6:12 AM Anonymous Maria LaO said:

Adonis reborn! More pictures of him would be much appreciated.    

At 2:12 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Guess I wasn't clear in the post -- or y'all were too mesmerized by Fernando's physical charms to read the text! Fernando Carrillo is the Man of the Month for July, 2006, so we'll be getting plenty of pictures of him all month.    

At 6:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

QUE BARBAROOOOOOOO!!! que nalgas!!! nice butt!!! que lo enseñen de frente. Put a frontal picture. I want to see everything!    

At 12:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ohhh what a gorgeous man! He is sex on legs!! I am in so in love with this macho hunk!    

At 2:07 PM Blogger crazygypsy said:

I can have an orgasm just looking at this man! That face, that chest, that perfect ass, those legs, and MY GOD! that BULGE!!!!! Truly perfection.    

At 10:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Fernando Carillo is really very hot sexy man!Iam inlove with him!

At 10:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

Diossssssssss!!! estoy muy orgullosa que sea venezolano!.. esta muy pero muy bueno!.. Vzla...    

At 6:48 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

heeeeeeeeey fernando is the super hot and buff man to be MR world lol by the way am in love with this guy soooo hot sexy and soooooooo charismatic.
youe much appreciated!    

At 5:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

I just love him.Wish to be able to sleep close to this perfect body, MY GOD!!!!! Fernando You HOT!    

At 9:03 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:

perfect boy! not alngol! I'm fom Hungary!    

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