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Cisoto Videos: José Galisteo

As promised, here are a few video clips featuring José Antonio Galisteo García from Spain's American Idol-style TV program "Operación Triunfo". (For his fotos, see yesterday's post.) In the first video, José unbuttons his shirt during a group chat, with some kindly assistance from the male host (this must be what Ryan Seacrest's wet dreams look like):

Jose Galisteo Chat
Uploaded by corepylon

In the second video, José learns to dance in his underwear, as any proper teen-idol singing sensation must do:

Jose Galisteo 3
Uploaded by corepylon

And here's José and friends as they learn to model in their underwear:

Jose Galisteo 2
Uploaded by corepylon

Video sources and download-links:
Video #1 (chat): Jose Fan Club (download here)
Video #2 (dance): (download here)
Video #3 (model): same as above (download here)

For another hot video from another "Operación Triunfo" contestant, check out this music video by Daniel Zueras, "No quiero enamorarme" (NSFW, what with the hot bisexuality and partial nudity).

Update: judging by the comments, the chat host in videos #1 and #3 above is stealing the show! His name's Álex Casademunt, and you can see more about him in this post.

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At 6:31 PM Blogger Alberty said:

I want more Operacion Triumfo videos!! Please!! I am in love with the presenter in the first and third videos!! Gosh, the boys get hotter every year!    

At 12:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:

yeah totally. that host can take my clothes off too ;0) woof!    

At 11:03 AM Blogger Hussy! said:

Anyone know the hot host's name? I'd be happy to look for more pictures of him!    

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