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Francesco Testi

Francesco Testi (born in Verona on November 4, 1978) was a protagonist in the reality-TV show "Grande Fratello" (the Italian version of "Big Brother").

Before the "Grande Fratello" experience, Francesco worked as a sales manager for a motorcycle-clothing firm while collaborating with the CoMune of Verona. He used to play volleyball, but an accident forced him to quit. He has worked as an entertainment organiser in clubs, regularly goes to the gym and loves motorcycles. Francesco considers himself natural, sincere - sometimes too much - as well as touchy, moody and a chronic latecomer (quoted from Luca Casadei).

Unfortunately, most of the pictures of him I found were watermarked, but they're still worth a look so I went ahead and put them into this foto album anyway.

There are several videos of him on YouTube, include the one below in which he gets into a macho sit-up competition with his fellow "Grande Fratello" house mate, Raniero Monaco:

FRANCESCO TESTI - Official Fan Club Website
Foto gallery on the "Grande Fratello" website
Bulli e pupe

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Hi, thanks for the link to our blog.
Congratulation for your blog, full of beautiful people... ^_^


PS: "CoMune of Verona", not "CoMMune" ;-)    

At 6:47 PM Blogger Hussy! said:

Fixed it -- thanks!    

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